Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day-After-Saturday Links

Hey look everyone! The "Democrats are mean and snobby" meme is back! Yay! Funny how this concern trolling always surfaces when the Democrats do things like... successfully correct obvious Republican misinformation. It just doesn't fit in with the narrative the village is so desperate to hold on to; Republicans are supposed to be tough and abrasive, Democrats are supposed to be weak.

Shorter Mark Stanford: "Hey guys, now that I've gotten all the political gain I could out of grandstanding against the "wasteful spending" of the stimulus package, I'll totally take that money now."

Tom Tancredo pines for the days of Jim Crow. But in order not to appear rude, we should totally respect his opinions and debate it as if bringing back a form of racial voter suppression is a valid idea in 2010.

Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) puts a hold on all Obama nominees for no other reason then he wants to receive a massive chunk of pork spending for the companies that reside in his state. John Cole points out that this isn't the first time Shelby has tried to game the system to secure massive handouts for his local corporations. Not only would I like to see the Democrats fry Republicans over this, it would be nice if this opened up a larger debate on Pork Barrel politics, being that although it's not usually this brazen, it's quite a common practice in the Senate.

Pissed off historians vs NRO pundit/nepot Jonah Goldberg over the latter's joke of a "history" book, Liberal Fascism. Historian flame wars are awesome.

Via Nate Silver; the Demand Question Time campaign. I like this idea. It's a bi-partisan attempt to make the executive and both chambers of congress meet monthly for debate. The pomp and circumstance around these large events like the SOTU has always kind of annoyed me. I say they fight it out on a regular basis, and televise it. Right now it's almost as if the only means of communication between them is done through the media. That's not a good thing.