Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congratulations, Norm Coleman...

You have officially made it into the Urban Dictionary. This is your legacy:

"The dogged pursuit of a hopeless goal, with utter disregard for a preponderance of contradicting evidence and mounting public distain."

I hope the GOP's donations are worth it.

I was understanding at first. Yes, let's have a recount. Sure, let's have an election contest. But I've tired of you, because at this point, everyone knows that you can't win without some corrupt judg... er, "miracle" on your side. You won't win in the State Supreme Court, and your attempt to drag that out by claiming that you need time to prepare (despite the admittance that you were preparing for it since the beginning) shows pretty clearly that it's not about winning now, it's about keeping a Democrat from being seated. You are the the perfect example of the sleazy, petty, ridiculously-partisan obstructionism that this state abhors (well, with the exception of Bachmann's district).

And, when you inevitably appeal to the Federal Supreme Court, the only thing you will accomplish is showing Minnesotans how much you truly despise them when you whine about how shitty our state is because those bipartisan committees and election judges were just soooo biased and corrupted, and that's totally why you didn't win. It has nothing to do with the fact that Minnesotans dislike you so much that you lost against a third-party wrestler in 1998, only could get close to a tie where there was a well-liked third party candidate in 2008, and only could win when your opponent was dead in 2004. Quite a track record. That should tell you something.

Stop disenfranchising Minnesotans, Normie. It's time to take your ball and go home. 

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