Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Mid-Morning Link Dump

Locals are are going nuts about a story of Minneapolis cop that committed excessively numerous armed robberies, citing it as more police corruption. I'm not really one to give the MPD a pass on this matter, but this seems to be overkill. The guy worked for them for three years, and doesn't appear to have used his status as an officer in the robberies. I'm more concerned about the ones that do, I suppose.

RNC 8 judge rules that evidence obtained through a warrantless search is admissible in court. We can't let a little annoying thing like the Forth Amendment get in the way of punching some hippies now, can we? Maybe instead of freaking out over one cop's love of armed robbery we should pay some attention to a court system that encourages and rewards system-wide abuse by authority instead?

Via Every Saturday Morning, a new Jesus-approved tactic for abortion clinic protesters - wearing vests similar to the vests that the clinic escorts wear in order to deceive clients coming to the clinic. Do I need to put my boilerplate response here at this point? Sure, why not. I'll never understand why a cause that touts itself as so noble and righteous feels such a strong need to lie to and deceive women.

According to Rudy 9iu11ani, Bush never had any terrorists attacks on his watch, only Obama has. As charming as watching him grudgingly admit that 9/11 actually happened was, the real kicker is his "Well, it might not have been a Muslim so it didn't count" theory on what defines real terrorism.

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only bra curmudgeon. I'm sorry, but I just can't buy into this whole "Post your bra color to raise awareness for breast cancer" trend on Facebook lately. You aren't posting your bra color to raise any awareness, you are posting it to titillate your audience. Which is fine, really, I'm a big fan of titillating my audience. Just stop dressing it up in some sympathetic cause to justify it, please? Via Tracy Clark-Flory over at Broadsheet, who aptly sums it up:

Hey, breast cancer exists and I'm wearing a bra! Or, seeing as the status updates mention nothing about disease, perhaps it translates to the more succinct: Breasts exist! Either which way, it isn't news to the vast majority of us.

TPM notices that Michelle Bachmann hasn't been hating on the census lately, and theorizes why that may be. You know, as much as I hate to lose a seat in the house, I can't really cry over losing a seat held by the Tea-Bagger's Queen. Although I was curious how she would do next election, if her opponents advisers went with my "Just play clips of Michelle acting all batshit crazy for every campaign ad" plan.

Happy Saturday!

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