Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday "I'll get around to posting them when I feel like it" Links

Republicans in Maine search and trash an 8th grade teacher's classroom after suspecting him of teaching anti-American views. The incriminating evidence that led to the unofficial investigation? Copies of the US Constitution... printed by the ACLU. (via Wonkette)

Democrats continue the time-honored tradition of kicking liberal women in the face. Great job, DNC. I'm sure the coming Liz Cheney administration will be awesome for the country.

Speaking of everyone's favorite anti-choice Democrat, Digby points out that Bart Stupak is still a moron.

This campaign video really has to be seen to be believed. Republican Dan Fanelli, who is running for Alan Grayson's US House Seat in Florida, has had enough of your stupid pussy-ass complaints about racial profiling. He challenges you to answer the question of who looks more like a terrorist - this white dude or this arab dude? Because he knows! When called on it, Fanelli explained that "If the people that were doing this kind of thing looked like me, even though I'm not the guy doing the terrorist thing I would want to be examined more closely". Fair enough. Let me introduce you to Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Scott Roeder, and Joesph Stack, Dan. Now drop your pants.

Hope and Change continues unfettered with a new secret prison found in Afghanistan and the first known target of Obama's "Assassinate Americans first, ask questions later" policy revealed. Smug Karl Rove is smug.

Milwaukee has found a successful solution to quell male-on-male violence in psychiatric wards. Distract them by giving them women to rape instead. Chief Mental Health officer John Chianelli describes the situation as a "trade-off". (via Shakesville)

Top Ten Myths about Immigration.

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