Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday afternoon "Too Humid to Play Outside" links

This is a neat little toy to play around with for a bit. Forbes put together an interactive migration map for the United States, click on a county, and you can see from where people are moving in, where they are moving to, and in what numbers.

Computer Engineer Barbie coming soon to a store near you! I know, it's Barbie. But it's still kind of awesome. It's inevitable that Barbie will continue being a top toy for little girls for some time to come. Might as well throw some positive role models in there. Sure as hell beats "Massive Credit-Card Debt" Barbie. Via Echidne of the Snakes, who touches on the mysterious disappearance of women in the computer science field after the 80s, and the theory that the onslaught of geek culture played a part in this. It's an interesting discussion.

Playing off of a post at World-O-Crap, Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon has a few design ideas for the "Father's Day" greeting cards targeted at men that are all butt hurt that they couldn't force their female partner to bear their child. Because who doesn't need a cheery "Sorry your bitch emasculated you" card once in a while?

The candidate challenging Harry Reid for his senate seat this year that seems to have a hard-on for using "second-amendment strategies" to enact change in Washington claims that the first thing needed is to "take Harry Reid out". But shut up liberals, she meant taking him out by voting for her. That she said this right after talking about armed revolt against congress is irrelevant to the discussion, because I say so, so just relax. Saying that "If we don't win at the ballot box, what will be the next step?" isn't a overt threat, she's just concerned, you see?

Al Franken grows more awesome with each passing day. Here he is discussing feminism over at Feministing. And here he is at the American Constitution Society’s national convention (rightfully) smacking around Republicans over their recent and current attempts to politicize the justice system (in their favor) and why it matters. It's refreshing when representatives actually have a clue what they are talking about, isn't it? More please. (via Balloon Juice)

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