Thursday, September 9, 2010

No one could have predicted

So apparently Pastor What's-His-Name, the now famous insane book-burning fundamentalist guy, will totally reconsider roasting marshmallows over his bonfire of Korans if the president personally calls him and asks him to stop with the silly. Which, you know, Obama can't really do. Because then he'd have to personally call all the other crazy-ass people and ask them not to do crazy-ass things. And being that this is America, that would pretty much be a full-time job.

So instead, the media has seen fit to wring their hands in deep concern and give this pastor 24-hour news coverage to ensure that his little hate-fest will be broadcast and talked about all across the world, enraging anti-American sentiments everywhere, while the Very Serious people opine: "Damn, look at that crazy motherfucker. Can you believe how crazy that motherfucker is? Seriously, that is one crazy-ass motherfucker. More at 11".

I mean, we get it, guys. The dude is a potent combination of being 2/3s crazy and 1/3 camwhore. His elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor, but he stops on every floor and flashes his naughty bits at whomever is there when the doors part. He has a few screws loose because he's too busy making the power drill make that loud "WHIRRRR!" sound. Insert some other failed attempt at witticism here. And another. We get it. People be crazy. People be wanting attention. Realistically, this is basically equivalent to plastering the Phelps klan's antics on the front page on a daily basis. Yet this is the biggest post-labor day story ever, and unfortunately that means people are starting to get pretty pissed off about it.

It would of been better off if we could sweep this guy under the rug like we do for the rest of our cranks. Not that there isn't a story here, because there is; but it's really not what the media is making it out to be. For me, this just is the logical conclusion that comes about in our political climate this summer. Because maybe, just maybe, if some people in the county hadn't been getting their jollies this August by whipping up anti-Muslim fervor, we wouldn't have to worry about Douchebag Mcgee and his merry band of bigots. But who could of foreseen that this would happen when morons were running around on every radio show and in every paper claiming that Islam is not to be trusted, that it's more then likely anti-American, that Muslims are being all rude and disrespectful to Real 'Murikans by being all Muslim-y and shit, that the President is one of those Muslims, which is a totally bad thing, and his plan is to destroy America with his Muslim death rays? Oh wait - pretty much everybody could see that.

Not that this will change the discourse. In fact, I'm sure those hyping all this anti-Islam claptrap as of late are pretty pleased this happened, because now they can say they aren't bigoted at all when they talk about how they are tired of "pretending" that Muslim-Americans are actually honorable Americans deserving of first amendment rights, because they aren't burning books now, are they? Are they?? That's totally different.

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