Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day After Saturday Links

So I'm eleven days deep into this whole non-smoking thing, which I'm assured will turn out awesome for me in the long run, but in the meantime I find it just makes me irritable, sweaty, stupid and unable to concentrate on anything for more then 30 seconds, which doesn't bode well for this whole existing thing, let alone this whole blogging thing. But I thought maybe I should give it a shot, so here's some links:

Hawaii finally throws up its hands in frustration and decides to troll the fuck out of birthers for profit instead. Sure, why not? I've long thought that if I have to sit back and watch the stupid destroy the country, I may has well try to make a small profit off of that stupid before it all goes down. If Glenn Beck can do it, whey the hell can't Hawaii? (via Pandagon)

Oh great, Katherine Kersten is writing about sex again, and it's predictably as gross and uncomfortable as you'd imagine it to be. The big giveaway here is that Kersten apparently considers being fucked hard and being raped as equal offenses to women - which tells me her overall concern isn't an atmosphere that leads to a disregard for meaningful consent, but instead that people might be having all sorts of awesome, freaky, non-catholic-church sanctioned fuck-marathons without Kersten's approval. And filming it! Because ironically enough, if we are going to talk about where to place the blame for dismissive attitudes regarding rape, I'd say an article that condones pro-rape attitudes by arguing it's understandable that men might be dismissive towards rape because women wear lingerie and it just confuses men so gosh-darn-much that they can't be held responsible for their actions is a great place to start.

I can't wait for the inevitable backpedal on this one. Or maybe Bachmann should just go full-blown Tea-Party on it instead? Hey, maybe if you didn't want to be bankrupted by your medical bills for military-related injuries, you shouldn't of joined the military. Why should I have to pay for your desire to sacrifice yourself for the country? God. I am so sick of people looking for a handout all the time!

Palin Jr. gets booted from a speaking gig at an abstinence event due to her "lack of expertise" in regards to that subject. Okay, there's a little more to it then that, but that line cracked me up. (via Balloon Juice)

It's been pointed out before that libertarians of the Randian stripe seem to only dig libertarianism because they automatically assume *they* will be the ones going all Galt and banging Dagny Tagart. I think this is a pretty good example of this mentality. I just don't think having "...a job for life, with a decent paycheck and good benefits and the occasional promotion" is really something most people would turn their nose up at, or are willing to trade for "booms and busts" or the "widespread embrace of risk taking" that, as Roy Edroso points out, pretty much fucked over those that decided to achieve the American Dream by honest, hard work instead of just dipping their hands into someone else's pocket and gambling on their future. If you feel like you would never be one of the ones that are screwed over, and instead the one making the profit off of the screwing, I suppose you would mock the little people that merely want a simple and sustainable life.

This is all kinds of fucked up. Apparently if you are a pharmacist in Idaho you can refuse to prescribe a drug called Methylergometrine under "conscious clause" laws, because this drug halts uterine bleeding, which happens in cases of abortion. Oh, it also happens during childbirth. And, you know, miscarriage. It really is amazing what we will let people get away with if we just attach the knee-jerk "abortion is bad!" sentiment to a cause. If some hippy vegan pharmacist refused to fill insulin prescriptions to diabetes patients because they believed that ailment should be regulated by diet and exercise instead of meds they would be shut down in a day. But denying medication because of personal moral judgements on the assumed devious sexual activity of women? No worries, you can put them in their place and put their health in danger, and the government won't do a damn thing to stop your crazy ass from doing so. (via Echidne)

I know it's a shitty thing to say, but I kind of wish Balko would just stick to the subjects he does best (abuse by authority issues) and stay away from the political commentary. I can't really decide what annoys me more about this little blurb. Is it the assumption that even though the teacher that was actually wronged by discrimination never got her job back, one rich dude was upset about the whole deal so yay! and therefore this situation applies to all other discrimination cases because hey, isn't there always an angry rich dude that can sorta/not really save the day? Or is it the dismissive "Hey, I think anti-discrimination laws were okay in the past but today we don't need them" word salad he tacks on at the end? Say what you will about Rand Paul's statements regarding the civil rights act (I sure did), at the very least he was consistent.

As for the elephants in the room:

- Yes, I'm aware of the GOP plan to redefine rape in order to ensure you earn that abortion by being beaten within an inch of your life first. Yes, I'll have something to say about that, after I clean out all of the caps-locked enhanced rage-filled rambling, veiled threats and obscenities and/or hexes.

- No, I don't have anything meaningful to say about Egypt, simply because I don't feel I'm informed enough to do so. Juan Cole, however, is.

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