Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Only Thing I Can Smell is Spackle

I've been a bit lax at the blogging lately. Jim and I (well, okay, just "I") have been redoing the home office this week. Pictures to come soon. I started on Sunday, and have tried to do a little bit each day since. As it is with my house, some of the walls are in bad shape (the lack of care the former home owners had for this house will be a rant for another time), and it's taken a lot of patching and re-patching (which my wonderful mother helped me with a bit on Sunday). I think I'm at a point where I can start priming for painting tomorrow. I've been covered with spackling paste powder every single night from all the sanding and probably have a tumor growing somewhere.

It will be nice to have this done, the office was a very ugly room, the wallpaper almost gave one a headache. But other activities have to suffer for this, not only have I not been blogging or writing on Newsvine, but I haven't been to the gym *once* this week. Going back is going to be hell.

In other news, I took the puppy to the vet today for her yearly. She did very well, comparing her behavior last year in the vet's office to her behavior this year, it's like she was a different dog. She was still very distracted and nervous, but I could get her to respond to me, which was nice. I decided to be a bad dog owner on the way back and let her sit in the front seat of the car. Which was fun, until she tried to cuddle with me while I was driving!

It was strange driving through Downtown St Paul (where the vet is), I haven't been there since the RNC. Brought back a lot of memories, more on that later.


Celeste said...

We had the ugliest wall paper in our bathroom when we moved in. It was such a pain to removed it and re-do the walls so they would be smooth. I'm so glad it's gone though. The wallpaper also hurt my eyes. Good luck with your home projects. Isn't owning a home fun?

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that you were working on your office! I can't wait to see it. Thats great that you've finally gotten rid of that wall paper. What color are you going with? We went sledding yesterday on the mountain near our house. Cody got out the sled today and sat in it and said "weeeeeee". I think he likes sledding : )