Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick Links

Anyone up for going to Boston this summer? Sun County has now added that city to their destinations, which is most awesomeness for those of us that despise Northwest Airlines.

Jim was asking the other day what the term "The Villagers", commonly used by liberal bloggers (and yours truly) means. Ask the liberal blogs and yee shall receive.

Caught this a while back and meant to do a post about it but never got around to it. The New York Times has a fascinating piece on the impact children have on marital satisfaction - Till Children Do Us Part. A lot of what is in this piece was a no-brainer for me (unplanned children can be stressors, one partner just giving into their significant other's desire for children can cause resentment, as can a switch to more traditional gender roles when it comes to child-care, etc), but conventional wisdom has always suggested that children are good for marriages. It's actually something that has made me think twice about breeding, as I value my relationship and have a concern about getting into a situation where the bulk of it is placed on me because I'm female. I felt this way when I was planning my wedding, and grew a bit resentful of my husband to be because I needed somewhere to place my stress. I doubt my relationship could last through 18 years of that same feeling. On the bright side, it looks like if both partners have the same amount of enthusiasm for a child and don't fall into the gender role trap, marital satisfaction can actually increase.

Why is there no love for Paul Douglas? Leave Paul alone!


goldiebear said...

I loved this article about children and marrage. I have always wondered about that and now I feel that my feelings are somewhat justified. I am not married (yet) but I am still undecided on children. Luckily my boyfriend feels the same way. Thanks for link. I may shre it....

Celeste said...

Ha! Anyone that thinks children will solve a marriage is just being naive. I love my children so much and could not imagine my life without them but children do cause some stress between a couple. Unless you are both ready for the children and agree on what you will both contribute once the children are born you will not be happy. I am lucky to have a husband that helps out a lot. We are very happy as a couple and as parents.