Friday, December 11, 2009

Also, ACORN. Also too.

I'm absolutely shocked that a conservative sting operation against ACORN would turn out to have some major, malicious flaws. That right-wing activists would deliberately tweek their video "evidence" by dubbing over the audio to smear an organization they'd had it out for almost over a year now is unheard of. They seemed like such nice upper-class kids, who bravely decided their energy is best spent on targeting an organization that helps out the less fortunate in our society (I mean, if these privileged kids won't take on such an atrocious organization whose demise wouldn't affect them and theirs in the slightest, who will?) Such a shame. But it's time to pay the piper as I'm sure the ever vigilant media that was pushing this smear story for weeks will get right on this correction.

Right after CNN reports on the "12 mistresses of Tiger" complete with Christmas-y jingle by the similar name. Trenchant as hell.

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