Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day after Saturday links

Glenn Beck's rally was yesterday. Do you care? Me neither. Let's get to it.

Full body scanners are now available to anyone that wants to buy them. Law enforcement agencies appear to be a pretty good customer. These mobile scanners are pretty handy because you don't have to bother with pesky things like warrants to use them.

Your tax dollars well spent: $3 Million dollar settlement to the victims of the Metro Strike Task Force. Also, $165,000 was paid out to the zombies arrested in Minneapolis a few years back for supposedly carrying fake WMDs (yeah, seriously). The zombies are donating the majority of their settlement to the cause of the RNC 8, another group familiar with police abuse, because zombies are just classy like that.

The first step in asking your boss for a raise is making sure you have a clean vagina.


I'm still not exactly sure why the Democrats flee from liberal talking points. Republicans seem to utilize them quite often, even when they make absolutely no sense at all (via Balloon Juice).

Psycho columnist whining about no-fault divorce pretty much makes the point of exactly why we need to have no fault divorce.

No one could have predicted that whipping up rage about mosque-building as an election year tactic would lead to acts of arson. But it has nothing to do with Islam, really! We just hate terrorism!

Today is the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Or, alternatively, the five year anniversary of one of the largest governmental failures in recent history. I'm just going to link to Molly Ivin's piece published soon after all this shit went down, because it rings as true today as it did five years ago:

To use a fine Southern word, it's tacky to start playing the blame game before the dead are even counted. It is not too soon, however, to make a point that needs to be hammered home again and again, and that is that government policies have real consequences in people's lives.

We should not forget about what happened on the Gulf Coast five years ago. Not just in what led up to the levies failing, but especially the aftermath where we left the survivors (and the few brave people that stayed to help others through the chaos) stranded and hopeless. This should not happen in America, ever. We should still be very, very angry.

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