Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brookdale Woes

Macy’s just announced that they were closing 11 stores nation-wide today.

And yes, of course one of them is the one located in Brookdale.

Poor Brookdale. It was my old stomping grounds, I used to hang out there as a kid, I had my first kiss there, my husband worked there for a while, I even had my first indiscretion with the law there, good times, good times. So there was always a part of me that was kind of rooting for it to make a comeback. But with Macy’s pulling out, I just don’t think Sears, with its inventory halved already, can hold it.

My husband and I stopped at Sears this past holiday season, the weekend before Christmas, to pick something up. It was the only place there were customers. We walked through the rest of the mall a bit for a trip down memory lane, and it was a ghost town, almost eerie. There was just an article in the Star Tribune that documented Brookdale’s new status as a ghost town as well, and captured it pretty accurately. And somewhat by accident, because the Star Tribune comment section is the cesspool of humanity, we also get an accurate picture of the racist mentality that started the ball rolling on Brookdale’s.

It’s probably silly to make an issue out of this. I know it’s just a mall. But it was my mall.


Celeste said...

Brookdale's been a ghost town for quite a while now. Every time I go there (which isn't very often) I remember how it used to be. I do remember the many hours I spent there at the candy place your husband worked it. What was it called again. Then my SIL started working at American Greetings, which took over for the candy place and then that closed. There really is nothing there. The only time we ever go there is to go to Sears or Barnes and Noble.

Stacy said...

Heh, Mr Bulky's was the store hubby worked at. God, it was great. Endless supply of candy (Jelly Bellies! Case of Cadbury Cream Eggs!), and I always got stuffed animals from him during that time. Don't think I've gotten one from him since, ha!

Yeah, I only go there for Sears these days. When Sears goes, that mall is done for sure. A coworker of mine that lives in that area claims it's just Brookdale, that the other stores (like Cub) are doing great. But I dunno, that mall that the "Children's Palace" used to be in looks pretty deserted to me.

I dunno, it just kind of affected me, made me sad walking through the mall when it was so devoid of people. I guess I just remember it as a much more vibrant place. That these things from your youth change is something I'll just have to get used to, I suppose.

Celeste said...

Mr. Bulky! That was it! I think I still have a toy car I got from there. Xavier plays with it now.
Yeah I think the other stores near Brookdale are doing fine. Kohl's seems fine and that's right next to Brookdale.