Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gold-Digging Gene is Directly Linked to the X Chromosome

"Evolutionary Psychology", well known for trying it's damnedest to reinforce sexist stereotypes, is at it again:

Scientists have found that the pleasure women get from making love is directly linked to the size of their partner’s bank balance. They found that the wealthier a man is, the more frequently his partner has orgasms.

“Women’s orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner,” said Dr Thomas Pollet, the Newcastle University psychologist behind the research. He believes the phenomenon is an “evolutionary adaptation” that is hard-wired into women, driving them to select men on the basis of their perceived quality.

The study is certain to prove controversial, suggesting that women are inherently programmed to be gold-diggers.

Gee, controversial? You think? I mean, why would anyone be upset about a "study" that claims that gold-digging is "hard-wired" yet refuses to publish it's methodology to back it up?

And golly, it couldn't be that people that are wealthy may have more time to have sex, or may be more relaxed because they don't have to worry about, you know, money. It's not like a lack of time or stress has ever dampened a sex life, amirite?

No, it must be that "gold-digging" is totally not a completely made-up sexist stereotype and instead is HARD-WIRED into women. And across the country, many misogynists squeal with glee over having their worst assumptions about all women, like the idea they are all gold-digging whores, "proven" through the magic that is evolutionary "psychology".

On a side note, I find this statement kind of interesting:

David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Austin, who raised this question in his book The Evolution of Desire believes female orgasms have several possible purposes.

“They could promote emotional bonding with a high-quality male or they could serve as a signal that women are highly sexually satisfied, and hence unlikely to seek sex with other men,” he said. “What those orgasms are saying is ‘I'm extremely loyal, so you should invest in me and my children’."

Because women, who we all know have no other purpose then to please men at every waking moment, apparently even have biological responses like orgasms not for themselves, of course ( I mean, they are women, not human or anything), but only to send messages to men.

Without even looking at the study, that statement alone pretty much tells you all you need to know about it's validity, doesn't it?

via Echidne of the Snakes, patron saint of tearing down bullshit sexist studies.

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