Saturday, December 25, 2010

Obligatory Holiday Post

I'm not a huge holiday person. Not that there aren't things I enjoy, like spending time with family, but I'm just not into the whole grand production of Christmas. I honestly do not think I own any Christmas decorations (okay, I may have a decorative plate somewhere that is currently being used as a cat food dish).

It's not a "bah-humbug" type of mentality. I don't have any hostility towards the holidays, and I grew bored with the war on Christmas a long time ago. I don't slip into a rage if I see a fake Santa running around or see that other people enjoying these things. Good on them if they do, whatever makes you happy. If it's a blow-up Frosty doll, go with it. It's just that for me personally, I don't have a lot of interest, because it's not my thing.

But music is! And the holidays do provide me an opportunity to post this song, which I've always loved.

There's probably some deeper meaning in regards to my love of this song and my emotional disconnection from things like tinsel, reindeer, and everything else that encompasses the holiday spirit. But I have to go visit family and eat some stuff right now, so I'll refrain from the psychoanalysis. If you want to read a lovely write-up on the song, I suggest you go here.

Have a good one, and stay safe out there.

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