Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Star Tribune: Calling having sex with an unconcious person rape is "unusual"

Holy shit, this is really starting to piss me off.

In light of the rape charges against Wikileaks spokesperson Julian Assange, The Star Tribune has an article today about Sweden's "Liberal" laws regarding consent (those wacky Swedes with their egalitarianism!). I thought that was bad enough, but I shit you not, people, underneath the subtitle that actually says "Tales of flings at center of Assange case spotlight Sweden's unusual rape laws" it contains this line:

A minor threat or force, such as pulling an arm, can be enough to result in charges. Sex with a person who is unconscious, drunk or asleep can be classed as rape.

Yeah, it's usually classed as rape here in America too, you fucking morons. Because it's fucking rape. Really have to love how the author frames it at the same level as "pulling an arm". Because pulling an arm and fucking unconscious people without their consent? Totally the same thing.

You know, I have no idea what went down with Assange and those women. And if people want to try to find inconsistencies in story, or point out that the timing seems a bit suspect, fine, go for it. I'm skeptical myself. But you know what? Stop acting like the charge is bullshit on its own merits. It was bad enough when people were saying it was a farce because apparently if someone agrees to protected sex, they're to blame if their partner is a complete asshole and fucks them without it. This idea that withdrawn consent is somehow irrelevant, that someone's need to finish/not use a condom/demand acts that their partner does not want somehow overrides anyone's right to their own bodily autonomy is disgusting enough.

But now it's apparently "unusual" to call fucking someone that is unconscious what it is: rape.

Major fail, Star Tribune. Seriously, fuck you.

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