Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day After Saturday Links

Have you heard it's snowing in Minnesota? I know. Crazy. Let's devote all the local news coverage to it. Sorry, I know it's a big storm and all, but come on. There are more important things happening today.

Speaking of local news coverage, this Pioneer Press article is hilarious. Breaking: A tiny group of Teabaggers showed up in Wisconsin. So tiny, in fact, that we won't even say how many there were in the article about their protest. But you can tell by this tight camera shot that it was pretty close to that 80,000 number of pro-union protesters, give of take 70,500. And hey look: cute little kid! (via Norwegianity)

As far as national news coverage of #WIUnion goes, want to take a guess as to which group did not have a representative on the Sunday morning shows this weekend? They didn't even throw Kthug on, which means there is no one to counter-act the stupid. But no worries. I'm sure the elite DC pundits can totally relate to union workers in Wisconsin and speak for them, because they've discuss the little people all the time at their cocktail parties.

In case you haven't heard this yet, our anti-union hero is completely groomed and paid for by Koch Industries. And yes, unlike the idiots that scream "SOROS!" every time a liberal so much as breathes: A corporate political powerhouse that has devoted pretty much all of it's time and money to getting rid of unions caught pouring millions of dollars into an election of a Governor whose first priority is getting rid of worker's rights is actually pretty damn newsworthy and relevant. Particularly since Citizen's United, which benefits Koch Industries so handsomely, also has that nasty side effect of benefiting unions - meaning they are one of the last barriers Koch has to purchasing complete political domination.

Now that it's become apparent that the protests in Wisconsin are having a positive effect for unions, the all-out hatred of teachers is starting to surface. The usual suspects will always be assholes, of course, no matter how hilariously ironic it becomes for them. But check out this bit of hackery over at Outside the Beltway, which is normally a decent right-leaning blog. One of their bloggers attempts the "all teachers are shitty so they are lucky to have jobs at all" argument by citing a study from 2009 that he claims shows Wisconsin is failing to teach their students math - when in reality it shows that Wisconsin is actually above the national average for proficiency levels in math. But why bother reading through your own sources or look for alternate sources that might discredit your point when you can just find something that reinforces your own views - teachers suck - and carelessly run with it?

GOP priorities. Cervical cancer screening for low-income women? Nope. Nascar funding that the military says is unnecessary? Of course! But remember kids, it's not about politics. It's about the deficit. See, we have to save money by getting rid of worker's bargaining rights. However, if Walker's buddy and political ally's pops needs a job after being fully rejected by voters, Walker is there to help!

Middle East: There's a cautious hope that the tide might be changing in Libya. There have been numerous reports that the army may be starting to side with the protesters against the government. It's been absolutely brutal there for the last 48 hours.

Surly Brewing needs your help. It would be a damn shame if they had to move across the border, guys.

Finally, in case you missed it, Michele Bachmann is still very, very stupid.

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