Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fight the real enemy

I have to admit to watching John King's interview with Michele Bachmann on CNN a few nights ago. I was just flipping through channels, and had to stop because I noticed Bachmann didn't look as insane as she normally does (which kind of worried me, I'd like to keep my Bachmann appearing crazy as hell), but Mr. Stacy assures me that it's only because she wasn't smiling as much.

But Bachmann's mental health is not the point of this post. Naturally, since the most astute commentators on the Israel/Palestine situation are always pious christian right-wing republicans, the topic came up. And Bachmann, well versed in her culture war talking points, had plenty to say about Obama's statements on Israel last week:

BACHMANN: We are looking at unprecedented unrest in the Middle East. I completely stand in opposition to what President Obama's remarks were last week regarding Israel, saying that Israel must shrink borders to 1967 borders and to allow a passageway for Palestine -- that would be the wrong thing to do. It would bring greater hostility to the Middle East.

KING: That's not exactly what he said. He did say with mutually agreed to -- mutually negotiated land swaps. Now, it is very rare for any president of the United States, of course, to use the term 1967 borders. However, he did say and clarified it in the AIPAC speech that just as they had a plan in the table late in the Clinton administration, you essentially go back to 1967, but then you negotiate land swaps. Israel says --

BACHMANN: John, you can defend, you can stand here and defend the president's remarks. I will not defend the president's remarks.

KING: I'm not defending. I'm not explaining*.

So now apparently pointing out what a Democratic politician actually said on the record instead of just letting your right-wing guest straight-up lie about it is "defending" his or her remarks, and if you dare question that, you are not to be trusted.(CNN transcript via RealClearPolitics, but I'm pretty sure King said "I'm not defending, I'm explaining". Could be wrong on that though)

Meanwhile, Republicans are still getting the vapors over the fact that Democrats, the "liberal media", and basically pretty much everyone else in the country are interpreting Paul Ryan's budget plan as a plan that does away with Medicare completely in order to give the wealthy more tax breaks, which is totally unfair because all his plan really does is do away with Medicare completely in order to give the wealthy tax breaks, and hey, he's calling those vouchers that won't come close to covering the health care costs for the elderly "Medicare", so obviously, this is a partisan attack. Stop being so mean, liberals.

So now apparently pointing out what an unpopular Republican-proposed policy actually does instead of just letting right-wingers just piss on your leg and call it rain is the worst partisan attack ever.

And of course the cruelest people of all are gay people that go around being all gay and shit, instead of being properly shamed into never showing their faces anywhere but gay clubs (which should be underground and unnoticed, thankyouverymuch).

So now apparently choosing to exist despite strict authoritan rules that Republicans have so nicely laid out for society in order to protect the feelings of bigots is the worst partisan attack ever.

And then there's Caribou Barbie, who still has a major bug up her ass about how the media was so mean to ask her questions and all, enough so that she has to plan a secret bus tour as a big "FUCK YOU" to the press because this one time? Katie Couric asked her what newspapers she reads?

So now apparently asking softball questions that your conservative demigod is too stupid to answer is the worst partisan attack ever.

For a group of folks who are constantly screaming about "PC Culture" and "censorship" because they can't use racial slurs anymore, they sure get some major butthurt over some silly (perceived) slights, don't they?

Too bad for us the media is completely willing to run with it. "A Republican was outraged over some clouds in the sky! More at 11".

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