Monday, June 27, 2011

Please stop making me defend these assholes

I'm starting to get that sickening feeling with Michele Bachmann that I did with Sarah Palin in years past, that feeling that no matter how much you despise them, you are going to end up sticking up for them more then you would normally care to. A prime example would be the "are you a flake" controversy over at Fox News this past weekend.

It's pretty disappointing, and here's why.
  1. It's gendered.

  2. I know, I know, that's playing right into Bachmann's hands so she can screech about sexism while at the same time fucking over her fellow women for political gain, something which always benefited Palin handsomely. And I'm well aware that like most things of this nature, I can't "prove" that it was thrown at her because of her gender. But I'd just point out that leading GOP candidate Mitt Romney is a well known "flip-flopper" on issues, and hypocrisy is pretty much the Republican norm at this point, yet I can't say I've ever seen anyone else addressed in this sort of manner, and so bluntly.

  3. A constructive answer to that question does not exist.

  4. I know pundits like their "gotcha!" questions because it makes them seem so bad-ass and all, but really, what sort of answer can one expect to a question like that? That Bachmann will break down weeping and say "It is true! It is true! Tis a silly flake am I! Oh how you've destroyed me, Chris Wallace!"? Probably not. It only offers the opportunity to express offense (which will play solidly into Bachmann's overall underdog campaign) or to create an clean little list of all the 'awesome' things Bachmann has done in her life which shows how Bachmann is totally a serious candidate. Which is a shame because...

  5. The overall point Wallace was getting at was an important one, and now we are just talking about how he insulted the candidate.

  6. For state's rights yet supportive of a federal ban on gay marriage? Against government spending unless it's something that benefits her own district? Decrying cuts to Medicare from "Obamacare" yet supporting the Ryan plan that does away with it completely? Bachmann is playing into conservative myths like most of her ideological peers, and it's about damn time someone pointed it out. And he blows it. Big time. There were so many more pointed questions Wallace could have busted out at that point.

Bachmann is a moron and a hypocrite, but what people tend to miss is that she's been in the political game for a long time, and she's proven that she knows how to survive. She knows how to work these sorts of things to her advantage. The best thing to do with candidates like her is give her enough rope, because it's guaranteed that she will eventually hang herself. Think of what worked with Palin - The narrative works best as "candidate x said something stupid, and is now whining about it", not as "candidate x was called stupid, and is now upset about it". Bachmann would be terrible for this country, and if allow her message to be heard loud and clear, I think the country will eventually pick up on that.

Instead, Bachmann came out of this looking like (a) the "underdog" victim of a cruel media (WHICH IS THE POINT PEOPLE) and (b) professional and serious because of how well she handled the attack (I would not have responded any other way. Unless I punched the fucker). This sort of thing is not helping.

Not that I expected Fox News to help.

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