Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me five times, sure, whatever.

As expected, the new videos out by O'Keefe and Co. turn out to be heavily edited. Good thing the liberals and the media have wised up to the fact that this guy is nothing but a smear artist and didn't do anything rash like jump to conclusions and make themselves look guilty by running around screaming "OH GOD SOMEONE FOUND OUT THAT LIBERALS WHO AREN'T ACTUALLY LIBERALS AT ALL MIGHT HAVE PERSONAL OPINIONS THAT HURT TEABAGGER FEELINGS" and firing everyone on the spot like they did with the whole Shirley Sherrod and ACORN stings...

Oh wait.

The worst part of it is that this story was broken by The Blaze. That's Glenn Beck's site, folks. Even Glenn Beck fans have caught on by now that these guys are a bunch of hacks. I now have to admit that I've linked to Glenn Beck's site from this blog for reasons other than outright mockery and scorn.

I'd like to rant against O'Keefe and his financial daddy and spew hatred at them, like I usually do, but you know what? I can't this time. They keep doing this because they are genius at selling it to a increasingly lazy and easily distracted media, so the shit works and becomes entrenched in our political narrative. You can't fault them for keeping it up. I mean, it's to the point that it's these stings are becoming parody, they've successfully convinced everyone that a woman giving a speech about the immorality of racism is a racist, a community organization that tried to help a woman escape from her pimp supports teaching people how to get around the law to be better sex traffickers, a health organization that called the FBI about suspected underage sex trafficking supports and encourages underage sex trafficking, and now a news organization that sent a Republican fundraiser to meet with a group that they didn't know was supposedly connected to radical Muslim extremists and rejected their donation anyway is a news organization that is biased towards Republicans and takes money from radical Muslim extremists. I'm almost in awe at this point.

As is the media, apparently, who eats it up time and time again and never really bothers with issuing corrections once it is made known the "stings" are fake. As long as they are being perpetrated by right-wingers, that is. When a Republican is made to look a fool without any sort of editing or pimp costumes, like we saw in Wisconsin, it's just a local story or blog fodder. At this point I'm not sure why they just don't sit James O'Keefe down in the CNN studios, let him say that "Union thugs sacrifice teachers to their nefarious god because they hate them, pinky swear, y'all" and then hold a discussion panel afterward with David Gergen and Erick Erickson to discuss the real story: "Unions: Sacrificing teachers to Allah or Satan?" At least that way we wouldn't be subjected to watching over-privileged douchebags run around in pimp costumes anymore.

But it's not just media's lack of basic journalism standards (like, you know, actually reviewing all the material before you report on it) that allows for these types of smear campaigns to be successful. It's also incredibly stupid way liberals cower and flee at the first line of attack, even though this pattern keeps repeating itself over and over again. And it is the over-reaction and preemptive bed-wetting that reinforce whatever lie these guys are currently spreading, because where there is smoke, there's fire, right? They never seem to understand that those that are targeting them will never be sated with short term gains, or the concessions of their targets. They are targeting you because they want to eliminate any credibility you still have, and until that's accomplished, they will never let up. Ever. So despite the outright dishonesty of a group of sleazy right-wing pranksters that take perverse joy in attacking the most desperate of targets, despite the reality that what serves as "news" these days is a complete joke, the real damage, the final blow, is coming from liberals themselves. So to hell with you, liberals. The truth is you deserve whatever comes to you at this point, because you keep playing right into the hands of those that only have the goal of destroying you and everything you stand for. And so long as you keep doing so, I have no sympathy for you. I only have it for those whose causes you claim to champion, who are the ones getting screwed over and over again by your frustrating lack of a spine.

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