Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pissed off about something stupid? Run for president! (Let's all run!)

See, this is exactly why I can't take modern Republicans seriously:

Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice who lost his job after erecting a monument of the Ten Commandments outside the state's courthouse, plans to announce in mid-April that he is setting up a presidential exploratory committee, an aide told CBS News.

The aide, Zachery Michael, said Moore's platform will be focused on repealing the health care overhaul law, replacing the progressive income tax with a flat tax and bringing "commonsense solutions" on immigration and border control.

Michael said Moore is entering the fray because "we're just seeing the same type of politicians run for president." He said Moore is someone "who can connect with over 300 million Americans across the country, which is something we've been lacking with today's leaders across society."

Michael said Moore should not be thought of simply as a culture warrior, arguing that he has been a strong advocate for limited government.

"He not only stood up for his faith, he stood up against the tyranny of government," he said.

So to recap: Judge that promotes his own personal religion in the people's house? Not tyranny of government. Upholding the separation of church and state to ensure one religion isn't seen as favored by the government over another? Tyranny of government.

But you know, don't think of him as a culture warrior or anything. When his religion isn't involved, he's totally for limited government. Like with taxes. Unless those taxes go to building monuments of the Ten Commandments outside your local courthouse. Then it's cool.

And no dude, surveying the confederacy of dunces that is going to turn the 2012 primaries into a reality TV show, you are the same type of politician. Exactly. The. Same. By the way - 2008 called. They want their "commonsense solutions" non-solution talking point back.


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